Thursday, August 04, 2011


Oh, ok, and why is this trending again? Us Filipinos really enjoy admonishing others' mistakes. Indeed, we are nothing but schandendfreudes who enjoy other people's misfortune. Like we are Mr or Miss Perfect, aren't we all?

damn puters

damn puters

Why I simply adore the iPod Touch.

Its hard to type with, especially if you have big fingers but what made it stand out? Availability of free Apps! With the Ipod touch i can simply walk into a wifi zone and happily do my surfing without having to lug along a bulky laptop.

And of course, its got a nice music player.

But then again, here comes it's colossal brother, iPad... Heck, i'd rather go for the iPed / or a Galaxy Tab for that matter, than this big blunder. It's way too expensive for a book reader, picture viewer and web browser.
Of phones and Pasikat

It's really irritating to hear people bragging about their phones over and over again. What's the big deal, right? We pinoys tend to get insecure about the fancy gadgets our neighbors have and it's prevalent for us to acquire those just to be in the in-crowd; even mamang mamba-balut is brandishing a PSP while hawking his wares.

Going back to the topic, there are a lot of fancy phones over the market and each of them has an edge over their competition. The best thing for us to consider upon choosing a phone is its functionality. You don't have to use an iPhone if your work depends on your mobility, likewise you shouldn't buy a BlackBerry if your use is only delegated to downloading songs over to your phone. If you tend to be techie, and you can't afford the fancy phones, you can still find alternatives and maximize their functionality... Go for a PocketPC or WinMo device which could support both HSDPA and Wifi. And if you tend to be a music-lover, you can always get a Sony Walkman Phone or a Samsung, better yet, the LG Cookie which is the cheapest among the touch phones.